When You’re Over Overthinking

We don't want to under-think, but overthinking doesn't serve us, either. How to find the middle ground?
Christi Hegstad December 13th, 2020

“Hold on, let me overthink about it.”

Have you seen these memes all over the internet? Can you relate?

Overthinking can disrupt our productivity, mess with our confidence, and steal a lot of delight.
We do want to think and conduct our due diligence, yet not become stymied by overthinking. How do we find this magical place of ‘just enough’?
This week, adopt a Goldilocks-level of thinking.
In other words, not underthinking but not overthinking either.
Some ways to reduce overthinking:
* Choose to not compare yourself to others.
* Take an action. Even a teeny-tiny one.
* Break your thought patterns as needed: place your hand on your heart, for example, or visualize a stop sign in your mind.
* Get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper (i.e., journal).
* Ask yourself, “How much will this matter a year from now?”
Here’s to a week of thinking not too much, not too little, but just right!
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