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Professionally, I am an Executive + Life Coach who specializes in helping you work with meaning, live with purpose, and achieve difference-making goals. I hold a PhD in Human Resource Development, am multi-certified in various coaching arenas, and am a widely published author + creator.

Personally, I am an overachiever, a total booknerd (I typically read around 100 books per year), and a mom to three incredible kiddos who inspire me daily. I am a planner, a journaler, and my favorite days are those with a healthy blend of productivity + peacefulness.

And for the past 20 years or so, I have combined all of these qualities to run my coaching firm, MAP Professional Development Inc. I always say there’s a fine line – if a line exists at all – between personal and professional development, because nearly anything you do to grow yourself personally is going to support you at work, and vice-versa.

I believe in you and the difference you’re here to make, and I *love* helping you do just that through setting, prioritizing, and achieving bold + meaningful goals!


Here are a few facts about me, as well as some of the zillion or so lessons I’ve learned along the way:

* I started my business with a preschooler, a toddler, and a baby on the way. Early on, I discovered the importance of values, priorities, + being intentional with my time, and I believe this has been absolutely fundamental to my personal and professional success.

* When I founded my company in 2003, I didn’t even know coaching was a profession; now it fills the majority of my days and I can hardly imagine it any other way. I’ve learned the value of planning while also being open to new opportunities and purposeful detours along the way.

* I still have a coach myself, even after all these years. And yes, I still often scramble the day before meeting with my coach to do what I said I would do. (The power of accountability! :))

* The ‘Bold + Meaningful’ part of my work is crucial. I’m here to help you dream bigger, expand your sense of possibility, connect your goals to your values and purpose, and to support you every step of the way. I have confidence in you and believe in your greatness, and I’ll bring every ounce of my expertise to help you achieve your full potential.

* I believe in – and science supports – the role meaningful goal-setting plays in our personal flourishing and professional wellbeing. My success as a coach depends on my clients’ success with their bold goals, so – as an achiever myself (as well as an Enneagram 3) – you can be certain I am 100% invested in helping them succeed. I love witnessing ‘aha!’ moments and the excitement when a client reaches their once-seemingly-impossible goal!

So, maybe you have a dream that has rested on the back-burner for years.

Maybe an exciting idea keeps popping into your mind but you’ve brushed it aside – until now.

Maybe you know you have difference-making greatness within you – you just haven’t fully tapped into it yet.

If you’re ready to explore the possibility of bold + meaningful success, let’s talk. I’d love to help you flourish!


B.A.<br />Sociology, Human Services

Sociology, Human Services

M.A., Ph.D.<br />Human Resource Development

M.A., Ph.D.
Human Resource Development

Certified Executive Coach, and Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Coach

Certified Executive Coach, and Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Coach

Affiliations and Acknowledgments

Forbes Coaches Council
International Coach Federation (ICF)
ICF Iowa (Past President)
NAWBO Iowa Business Owner of the Year
Forty Under 40 honoree
Urbandale & Ankeny Chambers of Commerce
Greater Des Moines Partnership


You can find my writing in publications like Forbes, The Huffington Post, Human Resource Development Quarterly, Business Record, Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace, and more. Be sure to visit my blog while you’re here, too!

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