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Professionally, I am an Executive + Life Coach who specializes in helping you work with meaning, live with purpose, and achieve difference-making goals. I hold a PhD in Human Resource Development, am multi-certified in various coaching arenas, and am a widely published author + creator.

Personally, I am an overachiever, a total booknerd (I typically read around 100 books per year), and a mom to three incredible kiddos who inspire me daily. I am a planner, a journaler, and my favorite days are those with a healthy blend of productivity + peacefulness.

And for over 20 years, I have combined all of these qualities to run my coaching firm, MAP Professional Development Inc. I always say there’s a fine line – if a line exists at all – between personal and professional development, because nearly anything you do to grow yourself personally is going to support you at work, and vice-versa.

I believe in you and the difference you’re here to make! Contact me to chat about how we can partner together to help you work with meaning, live with purpose, and achieve bold + difference-making goals!


B.A.<br />Sociology, Human Services

Sociology, Human Services

M.A., Ph.D.<br />Human Resource Development

M.A., Ph.D.
Human Resource Development

Certified Executive Coach, and Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Coach

Certified Executive Coach, and Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Coach

Clear Goals Lead To Clear Results

Clarity + Confidence + Meaningful Action = Success.
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Working with Christi, I changed how I prioritize my time, developed a new success mindset, held my first retreat, and have become a much more confident leader!
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