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Welcome! My name is Christi Hegstad, followed by a lot of fancy letters: PhD, PCC, MA, PPWC, and a few others. You might find this intimidating, but please don’t. I wasn’t always the coach, author, and entrepreneur you see today.

I was once floundering my way through life, struggling to find my purpose, feeling like there was ‘something more’ out there for me but entirely unsure what that might be. Every once in a while, I’d think I had it figured out – and then doubt and worry would set in and I’d find myself once again spinning in questions and hoping for that proverbial lightning bolt of clarity.

At the time, as a planner, perfectionist, overthinker, and Type A+ personality (not only did I want the ‘A,’ I’d also do the extra credit to bump that up a notch!), the not knowing unsettled me. A lot.

But then, something – well, everything, really – changed.


Right about the time I thought “floating through life” must just be the way of adulthood, a realization hit me:

In school, which I attended for approximately 100 years (or so it seemed at times :-)), I always wanted the ‘A.’ With that goal in mind and with clear expectations, I could typically craft the plan and take the actions that would get me there – especially in the subjects I felt most passionate about.

I started to ask myself how I could transfer this experience to my life. And while it wasn’t quite the lightning bolt of clarity I had previously looked for, I slowly started doing things differently:

> I uncovered my purpose and wrote it in a clear, concise statement.

> I began working with a coach, who beautifully pointed out what I couldn’t see and helped me build the courage to move in the direction of my ever-forming dreams.

> I clarified my priorities, placing faith and family at the top.

> I consciously surrounded myself with positive people who challenged me, believed in me, and supported my growth – and for whom I could do the same in return.

> I did the mindset and values work that reminded me who and how I wanted to be in the world .

All of this brought an undeniable level of clarity. With that clarity came inspired actions and small wins. And with each win, my confidence grew and prompted more – and bolder – actions.

Before long, I was making my big dreams and bold goals a reality: I earned a Master’s degree, then a doctorate. I ran a couple of half-marathons, then a marathon. I experienced setbacks along the way, but a greater vision kept pulling me forward.

And as more and more people asked me what I was doing differently and if I could help them do the same, I knew I had uncovered something important, purposeful, and expansive.


So in 2003, with a preschooler, a toddler, and a baby on the way, I founded MAP Professional Development Inc. Since then, I have coached thousands of achievers to achieve boldly, make a positive difference, and lead purposeful lives – one meaningful action at a time.

I love the ‘aha!’ moments as clients get in touch with their values, connect their passions to their bigger picture, and come to understand the life-changing power of a positive, purposeful mindset! My success as a coach depends on my clients’ meaningful success, and now – after all those years of floundering and swirling – I cannot imagine a better or more perfectly-suited-for-me career path.

Below you’ll find some of the official details contributing to those fancy initials mentioned earlier. More importantly, and what cannot be expressed through the degrees or leadership roles or publications, is the deep sense of knowing that this work is part of my purpose, my calling.

Maybe you have a dream that has been sitting on the back-burner for years. Maybe a wild, exciting, but-how-could-I-make-it-happen idea keeps popping into your mind. If what I share here resonates with you, and you are ready to explore bringing your bold goals to life, let’s talk. I’d love to support your flourishing!


B.A.<br />Sociology, Human Services

Sociology, Human Services

M.A., Ph.D.<br />Human Resource Development

M.A., Ph.D.
Human Resource Development

Certified Executive Coach, and Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Coach

Certified Executive Coach, and Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Coach

Affiliations and Acknowledgments

Forbes Coaches Council
International Coach Federation (ICF)
ICF Iowa (Past President)
NAWBO Iowa Business Owner of the Year
Forty Under 40 honoree
Urbandale & Ankeny Chambers of Commerce
Greater Des Moines Partnership


You can find my writing in publications like Forbes, The Huffington Post, Human Resource Development Quarterly, Business Record, Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace, and more. Be sure to visit my blog while you’re here, too!

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