How To Get From Where You Are To Where You're Meant To Be!

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As you pursue a dream, approach a life transition, or begin to chart your path from where you are to where you want to be, you may find yourself stuck. Questions like “What’s next?” and “When is the right time?” and “How on earth do I get from Point A to Point B?” can leave your mind spinning in circles and putting off ideas until that elusive ‘someday.’

That’s where coaching comes in!

We can bring your ‘someday’ to the here and now, and design your days by choice rather than by chance.

I specialize in helping you create a clear, concise vision for the future, then design the action plan and mindset shifts to confidently achieve your goals and make your difference in the world. My clients often tell me I have a knack for simplifying the complex and bringing clarity to the chaos. To be honest, these are among my favorite things to do!


I raised more money for my nonprofit in one year of the Acceleration Mastermind than in the previous three years combined. We also doubled our staff and launched the Dreamer Academy!
The Author

Emily Westergaard

Des Moines, "I Have a Dream" Foundation


What You Can Expect

With over 15 years in business, I have coached thousands of people to clearly, confidently reach purposeful success. My clients have written books, hosted retreats, launched businesses and nonprofits, led companies, reached revenue goals, earned degrees and certifications, become elected officials, started academies, garnered awards, built positive work cultures … you name it, we’ve probably coached our way to it!

Perhaps even more importantly, clients also report many ‘intangible’ benefits along the way: Greater focus, higher confidence, more intentional and deliberate action, improved time management, better relationships, stronger sense of purpose, and a more positive mindset, to name a few.

Whether you know exactly which dream or goal you want to pursue or you simply sense there is ‘something more’ out there for you, coaching can help!

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Coaching is personal. Let’s choose what’s best for you.

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