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What results would you experience if everyone in your organization was fully engaged, contributing at their highest level, and felt valued?

With meaningful trainings customized to fit your needs, you can expect growth in areas from revenue and retention to performance and engagement. Happy employees build successful companies!

Give your conference, leadership retreat, staff event, or board meeting a positive boost with one of our sought-after sessions. I’ve worked with all types of organizations such as Bankers Trust, United Way, Wells Fargo, General Mills, Riverwood Healthcare, Principal Financial, ChildServe, Iowa Valley Community College, Habitat for Humanity, and Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute, to name a few. I also speak regularly at retreats, conferences, and events around the country.

Let’s customize a program to educate, inspire, and equip your valuable team!


Purposeful Growth From The Inside Out

Whether you wish for greater engagement, focus, productivity, work/life balance, or optimism among your employees, we can work together to strengthen skills and inspire positive action. Popular topics include:

Big Dreams, Bold Goals!

The great leaders, innovators, and world-changers don’t aim for mediocrity or operate with a “that’ll never happen” mindset. Learn the value in expanding your sense of what’s possible, how to turn even your most outlandish ideas into meaningful (and achievable!) goals, and gain inspiration and strategies from case studies, others in the room, and even your own past experience.

Run Your Day (So It Doesn’t Run You!)

If excessive meetings, endless distractions, and living in reactive mode describe your typical way of operating, your organization is losing more than just valuable time – it’s likely losing engagement, satisfaction, and productivity as well. In this session you will learn unique and specific ways to bring priorities to the forefront, put first things first, and uncover the rare and unparalleled experience of deep, focused work.

The 5 Practices Of Purposeful Leaders

We are all leaders – of organizations, departments, families, our own lives. But what kind of leader are you? When people think of you, what descriptions come to mind? Take control of your leadership legacy by putting these five intentional practices in place – starting now!

Making Work Meaningful

Which would you rather have or be: an (unhappy) employee who (begrudgingly) does (almost) the bare minimum, or one who believes so strongly in their work and mission that they light up the office as soon as they walk in? In this session, you will clarify your core values and discern specific ways to leverage them in your work and life, as well as discover research-based strategies for creating meaningful work – whatever your job title.

What’s My ‘Why’? Clarifying Your Purpose In Work, Leadership, and Life

Your purpose consists of four key domains and permeates all aspects of your work, leadership, and life. If you’ve ever wondered ‘What am I doing all this for?’ or ‘What unique value do I bring?’, you will uncover it in this powerful program. Come with uncertainty or lack of clarity, leave with your own customized personal purpose statement to guide your work, family, leadership, grocery runs, and every other part of your life!

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Christi helped us create our vision, mission, and values statements, and we’re now able to focus on where we’re headed and how we make a positive difference in the world. We’re excited about the future!
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Jennifer K. Fuchs

Iowa Valley Community College District

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