Are You Willing To Do What Most Others Are Not?

What bold, compelling goal are you moving toward? Are you willing to do that 'something extra' this week to make it real?
Christi Hegstad September 8th, 2019

What bold, compelling goal are you moving toward?

Is it requiring more of you than you initially thought?

Is there something different, bold, or out of the ordinary that would move you even closer?

And (last question – but an important one): How willing are you to do that ‘something extra’?

This week, do the extraordinary.

Make more calls than usual.

Invite more people than usual.

Post more helpful content than usual.

Write more pages than usual.

Engage with more colleagues than usual.

Don’t let the challenge hold you back. Instead, adjust – and ideally up-level – your actions to start gaining more momentum. As the saying goes, be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods!

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