Taking In Information vs. Taking Action

How much content do you consume in an average week? More importantly, what do you DO with that content?
Christi Hegstad July 29th, 2019
If you looked at my bookshelves and podcast subscriptions, you might guess that I consume a great deal of content.
You’d be right. I loooooove to learn.
But I read/listen with a highlighter or journal nearby. I always challenge myself to take at least one point and put it into action, try out a new perspective or behavior, and/or share what I’ve learned with you all!
I don’t want to consume just for the sake of consuming; I want to turn that knowledge into purposeful action. As Ryan Michler wrote, “If information was all we needed, we’d all be millionaires with chiseled six-pack abs.”
This week, I challenge you to take your knowledge, thinking, or learning a step further.
This week, take a specific, significant action. Click “Submit” on the article you’ve been writing. Call the potential client you know you can serve. Hire the coach. Upgrade the software.
Give thanks for the knowledge – then take the action!
Christi Hegstad, PhD, PCC is an executive coach helping you design your ideal vision and achieve it with clarity, confidence, and meaningful action! Join our community: Click here and fill in the blue box or send us an email

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