Outgrowing and Upgrading

We're continually growing and evolving - especially as achievers. It's natural that we outgrow or wear out some things along the way!
Christi Hegstad November 26th, 2022

As I pulled on a t-shirt yesterday, I noticed that it was from a race I completed … in 2008.

My patio furniture, purchased a couple decades ago, looks a little rusty and raggedy.

And I have a couple of cute sundresses that I adore but that no longer fit.

I can’t help but consider the life metaphor here: the activities I’ve outgrown, the routines that have become stale, even some relationships that perhaps no longer fit.

Do I need a life overhaul?

This is the question that springs to mind, dramatic as it is. And after a bit of thought, I don’t believe I need a life overhaul.

I do, perhaps, need some upgrades.

I’m always a bit surprised how luxurious a new pair of quality socks can feel, or how a coat of paint can change a room from drab to delightful.

Simple upgrades but transformative results.

Are you due for some upgrades, too?

If you feel a bit weighed down, ho-hum, or drab, maybe a couple of strategic upgrades are in order. Consider categories such as:

Office supplies

Home decor

Household or personal care items


Also take a look at some of the ‘bigger’ life areas and ask a few questions, such as:

How could I add some delight to my daily routines?

What would breathe fresh new life into my career?

What activities, habits, or relationships do I need to rethink a bit?

We are continually growing, evolving, and changing. And if you are an achiever or lifelong learner, you are probably doing so at a fairly rapid rate at times. It’s only natural that, along the way, you might outgrow or need to upgrade in simple and/or meaningful ways.

Consider where you might require an upgrade of some sort, and start simple.

A burst of freshness might be just on the other side!

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