When You Don’t Reach Your Goals

I didn't reach my goals this month. Now what?
Christi Hegstad May 30th, 2024

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time for my monthly review + planning session. And I’ve realized I did not reach all my goals this month.

Specifically, I set two fitness goals – a mileage amount and number of weight-lifting sessions – and I fell short on both.

I have to admit: The achiever in me is disappointed.

But the coach, and human, in me knows this is an opportunity to explore, ask a few questions, and make some changes for next month. I thought you might benefit from these questions too, in case you find yourself in a similar situation!

A simple, nonjudgmental, Why?

Sometimes the answer is clear: maybe illness or unexpected travel interfered, for example. (Tornadoes and extreme weather definitely impacted my plans to hit the trails this month!) But sometimes the answer is a more ambiguous ‘I just didn’t feel like it.’ Whatever it is, view this as a fact-finding question – not a judgment of your self-worth.

How did I come up with this goal?

In the case of my mileage, I have to admit, my number was quite arbitrary. Which led directly to the next question:

What’s the purpose behind my goal?

My fitness goals fall under a broader ‘Best Self’ Bold Goal I’ve set for myself this year. The purpose behind this goal involves feeling my best and includes measures around energy, confidence, mindset, and the like. Even though I didn’t reach my specific fitness goals in May, I did engage in some other actions that fed my Best Self, so I’m incorporating them into my review, too.

What did I gain?

I love the simple yet profound message in Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy’s book, The Gap And The Gain: Essentially, focus less on how far you have to go and more on how far you’ve come. I didn’t hit the specific number of weight-lifting sessions I had intended, but I did do more – and with greater consistency – than any other month so far this year. That counts as a win, too!

What will I do differently next month?

Based on my review, I am not giving up on my fitness goals – but I am setting them differently in June. As you continue with your goals, consider how different ways of approaching or measuring them might serve you next month. Also take into account any travel, vacation, or seasonal changes that may impact your goal.

I’ll be sharing my specific changes with the Coaching + Connection group at our next event – and you can still join us for the remainder of 2024! Click here for more information and to enroll.

As achievers, we can easily get down on ourselves when we don’t accomplish what we set out to. Don’t just give yourself the brush-off, though. Ask a few thoughtful questions, answer honestly, and move forward accordingly.

What other questions do you ask yourself when assessing your goals?

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