Coaching + Connection With Dr. Christi!

How supported, motivated, and inspired have you felt so far this year?

How are you doing with your goals and progress toward what matters most to you?

Imagine flowing through the rest of 2024 knowing you have the insights, expertise, and encouragement of a Professional Certified Coach – as well as other achievers – already lined up!

Welcome to Coaching + Connection with Dr. Christi and your fellow achievers!

This unique program focuses on growth, engagement, and variety so you can achieve what matters most to YOU in the most meaningful, flexible way. It allows you to make plans and set goals with confidence, knowing you have support, guidance, and professional development readily available. When you encounter a hurdle, embark on an important project, need to make a decision, approach a transition in your work or life, or simply have a question you’d like to bounce off of others, you’ll have an experienced coach and a cohort of people to whom you can reach out.

Every month, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with Dr. Christi and other achievers for masterminding, Q&A, trainings, article + book club discussions, group coaching opportunities, fun conversational get-togethers, and more.

Join us today, and relax with confidence knowing your support is in place for the rest of the year!

*** HALF-YEAR (JUN-DEC) ENROLLMENT OPENS APRIL 2024! (Please note this special half-year opportunity does not include one-on-one coaching.) ***


Coaching + Connection with Dr. Christi offers a variety of opportunities to grow, achieve, and fulfill your highest potential. Your enrollment includes:

  • 1MONTHLY CONNECTION with Dr. Christi and your fellow achievers! Both virtual and in-person opportunities are offered throughout the program.

  • 2GROUP COACHING + MASTERMINDING so you can gain ideas, move forward, and experience ongoing accountability and encouragement.

  • 3HAPPINESS HOURS to meet in person (central Iowa) to relax, chat, and connect with other achievers each quarter. Possibilities may include restaurant meetups, nature hikes, painting classes, garden parties, and more.

  • 4BOOK CLUB + ARTICLE CLUB to discuss personal development topics in a structured, growth-oriented, delightful format.

  • 5BOLD GOAL CHECK-IN where Dr. Christi gives you a behind-the-scenes look at one of her Bold Goals - including how she's tracking, refining, and course-correcting along the way - and you can do the same (if you choose) for additional accountability.

  • 6REGULAR OFFICE HOURS where you can ask questions, brainstorm ideas, navigate an obstacle you've encountered, or explore new ways to approach your goals.

  • 7CUSTOMIZED RESOURCES such as worksheets, tracking and accountability tools, article links, discussion guides, and more.


Enroll NOW for Jun-Dec 2024!


Feel free to email us - we are happy to help!

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