Leveraging Quiet Times In Your Business Cycle

How do you make the most of quiet seasons in your work cycle?
Christi Hegstad July 18th, 2019

Depending on your industry, you may find work a bit quieter in July. How will you make the most of this time?

This quiet time (or any other that occurs in your business cycle) can be a fantastic opportunity to focus on your personal and professional development. For example, you could utilize the time to:

* Read books

* Enroll in a class or conference

* Work with a coach

* Journal

* Listen to growth-oriented podcasts

* Schedule ‘thinking time’ (check out Bill Gates’ example)

* Plan for an outstanding remainder of 2019

* Mastermind with peers and colleagues

* Watch a few TED Talks

* Go for walks without headphones

Of course, rest, relaxation, and vacations can be rejuvenating as well!

What other ideas for personal growth would you add to this list?

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