Don’t Forget The Delight

It may not check off any boxes or move the needle forward, but an action 'just for the fun of it' can be just as valuable.
Christi Hegstad November 21st, 2022
A few days ago, I posted a blog about weird goals.
Weird goals I’m currently pursuing, ones I’ve set in the past, unexpectedly poignant outcomes from those odd + random goals.
It was a fun blog to write, and it reminded me of something that we, as achievers, can forget:
Sometimes doing something just for the fun of it is reason enough.
This week, do something purely for the delight.
Maybe it doesn’t check any boxes off of your to-do list.
It might not noticeably move you closer to your big vision or Bold Goal.
But maybe ‘just for the joy’ can sometimes be the purpose, in and of itself!
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