Choosing Types of Goals

What types of goals speak to you the most?
Christi Hegstad December 12th, 2021
What type of goal motivates you most?
Learning different types of goals, and asking which ones resonate with me, has made a profound difference in my achievement over the years.
For example, which format speaks to you more:
A. I will run a 5K in under 30 minutes this year.
B. I will run three 5Ks this year and improve my time with each.
Goal A is a performance goal – where we focus on the end result.
Goal B is more of a progress goal – where we focus on getting better.
I set both types. Sometimes I want a very specific outcome, sometimes I simply want to improve. Both can lead to meaningful success.
As can goals set around projects, habits, and more.
How about you? What kinds of goals speak to you the most?
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