Wise + Calm Decision-Making

Looking for a way to make decisions with a bit more calmness and clarity? Give this technique a try!
Christi Hegstad December 5th, 2022
Every once in a while, someone offers me a compliment that makes me chuckle:
“You seem to have it so together!”
Like pretty much everyone everywhere, I do have some things together, and other things … not so much.
In recent years, however, I have been using a strategy that definitely helps me feel more together, more of the time.
This week, make a decision from your ‘future self.’
My future self – particularly 10 years or so into the future – seems much calmer and wiser than my current self often feels.
So when I am faced with a decision, or at a crossroads of some sort, I consider 10-years-from-now Christi and ask what she would advise.
You can consult your 1-year-from-now self, or even your 1-week-from-now self. See if you discover a bit more perspective in your decision-making.
Trust me, you have great wisdom within you! Maybe this technique will help you access it a bit more readily.
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