What’s Your Goal-itude In 2024?

To which of these 5 goal attitudes - or goal-itudes, if you will - do you most resonate? And how will you leverage that in 2024?
Christi Hegstad January 17th, 2024

How many personality assessments have you taken over the course of your career? Whether shining a light on our personal strengths or telling us which Disney character we most resemble, assessments can prompt us to look at our actions and behaviors through a different lens.

And while I prefer well-researched and validated assessments, I did think it might be fun – and perhaps helpful, especially at the start of a new year – to think about goal achievement in terms of personal preferences. Please note these five goal attitudes – goal-itudes, if you will 🙂 – are not based in scientific data, but rather on some tendencies I’ve observed in my 20+ years in business. I’ll share a tip for each, as well as one way (of many) a coach can support you, in case you recognize yourself in any of these examples!

The Strong Starter

Description: You have big energy / motivation when launching your goals but find it waning over time.

Tip: Frontload your action plan to the extent possible, taking advantage of that early momentum.

Coaching: Can provide ongoing accountability and help you connect with your ‘why’ when your energy and focus falters.

The Big-Picture Dreamer

Description: You can easily see the grand result of what could be, but not always the smaller steps needed to get there.

Tip: Create guideposts and checklists to stay on course. (You’ll most likely have a vision board of some sort already in mind!)

Coaching: Can co-create your action plan and help you level up your progress on a regular basis.

The Detail-Oriented Doer

Description: You’re great at crafting the step-by-step plan, but don’t always envision the big picture.

Tip: Craft a vision board, statement, or some visual representation of what you’re moving toward. (You’ll likely create the checklists naturally!)

Coaching: Can help connect the dots between the small actions and the big vision, particularly if you find yourself ‘lost in the weeds’ at times.

The All-Or-Nothing

Description: Similar to a go-big-or-go-home approach, you find yourself doing everything (and soon burning out) or doing nothing (and feeling like you’re not fulfilling your potential).

Tip: Get the ‘all’ out on paper (ie, a breakthrough map), then choose a select number of items (ie, no more than three) to focus your energy on.

Coaching: Can look at the ‘all’ with you then help you prioritize, complete, and move forward smoothly and systematically.

The Continuous Improver

Description: You strive to keep building and enhancing your skills, focusing more on ongoing growth than on a particular end result.

Tip: Give yourself mini-milestones and deadlines, so you enjoy the momentum of completion / accomplishment while continuing to expand your capabilities.

Coaching: Can help you quantify and measure seemingly unquantifiable areas of growth, such as clarity or confidence, and celebrate wins along the way.

For all five goal-itudes, as well as many others not listed here, a coach can help. We still have a few spots left in C+C with Dr. C if you’d like to join us for this guidance, support, and encouragement all year long!

Whatever your attitudes towards goals, intentions, projects, and ideas, I wish you a year filled with meaningful success!

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