Can I Be Intentional *And* Watch TV All Day?

Almost like magic, the difference between fulfillment and frustration could lie in your level of intentionality.
Christi Hegstad November 25th, 2022

Imagine these two scenarios and see if you notice a difference:

In Scenario #1, you wake up on a Saturday morning feeling a bit sluggish. You think, “I’m going to watch an episode of XYZ Show, then I’ll get to my projects.”

Next thing you know, twelve hours have passed and you’re still sitting in front of the TV.

In Scenario #2, you reach Friday evening and acknowledge that it’s been a rough week. You subsequently declare tomorrow “TV Day” and decide to do nothing all day other than lounge on the couch and enjoy a movie marathon.

Next thing you know, twelve hours have passed and you’re still sitting in front of the TV.

Do you notice a difference? More importantly, would you feel a difference at the end of these days?

Same Action, Different Experience

The actions in both scenarios are the same: Couch, TV, twelve hours passing.

But I bet you’d feel quite different at the end of Scenario #1 than you would at the end of Scenario #2. Especially if you’re an achiever.

This is a simple example demonstrating the difference between being intentional – or not – with your time.

Intentionality has been our focus in the ASPIRE Success Club this quarter. When we’ve discussed what ‘living with intention’ actually means to us, words like ‘purposeful’ and ‘deliberate’ and ‘mindful’ have risen to the surface.

Being intentional means deciding how to engage your time. It involves giving thought and consideration to your actions. On the flip side, not being intentional typically means running on autopilot, letting circumstances dictate your actions, or – like in Scenario #1 above – reaching the end of the day or week feeling like you had no agency over it, thus have little to show for it.

Intentionality can often be the difference between fulfillment and frustration.

Living With Intention

So, how can we live with greater intention? A few ideas to get you started:

Map out your week. On Friday afternoon or Sunday evening, map out the week ahead, taking care to address your top priorities. (The Weekly R+P Session can help.)

Set a daily intention. As you look at your schedule each morning, choose a word that represents who and how you want to be throughout the day. For example: Energized, purposeful, productive, calm. Call your intention to mind as you go about your day.

Decide in the moment. Essentially the same as the previous idea, only on a moment-by-moment basis. Who/how do you want to be during the meeting you’re about to enter? The call you’re about to make? The conversation you’re about to start?

How else do you increase intentionality in your work and life? Share your ideas below!

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