ASPIRE 2021 – Enrollment Now Open!

Due to several last-minute additions to the ASPIRE program, enrollment for 2021 has reopened for a brief time!
Christi Hegstad December 10th, 2020
Have you ever hung up the phone with someone and *immediately* thought of the perfect thing you wished you had said?
Well, that’s kind of what happened with me and ASPIRE 2021. As soon as enrollment closed, ideas rose to the surface regarding the topic that has felt so important in our current heavily-online world:
How can we increase our sense of community, getting to know one another, and one-on-one connection … without adding excessively to everyone’s full schedules?
Long story short, we are adding a few more features to the 2021 ASPIRE Success Club – thus reopening enrollment for a brief time!
In addition to everything on the ASPIRE website, we are ALSO including:

* Member Spotlights!

Throughout the year, I’ll interview various members so we can get to know you better! Interviews may take place via Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube, or phone – and shared, along with your contact info, in the Elevation newsletter and elsewhere!

* Member-Led Courses!

Whether your expertise is in financial health, yoga, organizing, or elsewhere, let’s teach to / learn from each other! I will provide the Zoom space and announce to our membership, and if you’ve been in ASPIRE for over a year, you can apply to showcase your expertise!

* Recorded Meetings!

We now plan to record one meeting per month, so if you miss attending you can still catch the vibe, even beyond the continued discussion in the Elevation newsletter, Facebook group, etc!

* Plan With Me!

I’ve already announced the new Achieve With Me feature where I’ll give you real-time updates on my own Bold Goal. In addition, we’ll periodically meet (likely via Facebook Live or Zoom) to plan our upcoming month or week together. If you want help with time-blocking, batching, prioritizing, or other aspects of purposeful planning, you’ll especially appreciate these sessions!

* Bold Goal Overhaul!

The Bold Goal is nothing new to ASPIRE. However, for the past 18 months I have been experimenting with an aligned, but different, way of Bold Goal-setting – and this has proven extraordinarily helpful in the ever-changing environment that has been 2020! You’ll learn all about it in our brand-new training in January!
If you are already enrolled for 2021 ASPIRE, this is in your future!
If you haven’t enrolled and would like to, we are re-opening for a brief time – click the button below to join!
Click here for more about ASPIRE, and feel free to reach out with questions. I look forward to working with you in the 2021 ASPIRE Success Club!
To your flourishing!
Dr. Christi

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