7 Quick Ways To Get Un-Tired

Zoom fatigue? Election exhaustion? General blahs? Here are 7 quick, perhaps counterintuitive, ways to put the zip back in your step!
Christi Hegstad November 13th, 2020

We’re hearing – and experiencing – it everywhere: Zoom fatigue. Election exhaustion. Pandemic overwhelm.

A meme I saw last week captured well what many of us may feel:

“I’m tired but I’m trying.”

Quality sleep, good nutrition, and other basics are important, and I’ll leave those to the health coaches to share their expertise. What I’d love to offer you today are 7 quick – and in some cases, counterintuitive – ways to help put a zip back in your step and a light in your leadership!

1. Speak With Someone Inspiring.

Two coaching clients have opened businesses in the past few weeks. ASPIRE Success Club members have led, achieved, transformed, and grown in exponential ways. My own coaches and mastermind partners provide extraordinary perspective. No matter how my day is going, these meetings and discussions never fail to inspire me!

Who inspires you? Who consistently leaves you feeling better after a conversation with them? Whether it’s a friend or family member, your coach, or a peer at work, make it a point to connect with them for a mutually uplifting conversation. (And if no one comes to mind, join us in ASPIRE – inspiration abounds!)

2. Create More Than You Consume.

I want to encourage this in two parts:

First, decide for yourself what your top priorities are for the daybefore you look at your phone, email, etc. Yes, your priorities may change, but begin your day discerning what *you* place at the top before you let others determine what’s important for you.

Then, to the extent possible, focus on being a ‘maker’ in the morning. Plan a meeting agenda, design a spreadsheet, paint a mural … create something from your own wellspring of inspiration (it’s there, trust me!) before you consume – ie, via social media – what everyone else is creating.

3. Start With A Win.

My coaching clients know that before we dive into our focus for the session, I’m going to ask them to share a ‘win’ they’ve experienced recently. You can do something similar in your department meetings or one-on-ones. Get in the habit, and help others get in the habit, of celebrating what’s going well – an instant energy boost!

4. Change Your Language.

The title of this article is an example of what not to say. :-)

Instead of “How can I be less tired?” ask “How can I feel more energized / vibrant?”

Instead of “How can I be less frustrated?” ask “How can I help my day run more smoothly?”

As one of my clients wisely put it last week, “Words are everything.” Be intentional with yours – whether you’re saying them out loud or in your mind.

5. Lift Someone Else.

My guess is you’re probably doing a lot for others these days, so this one may seem counterintuitive. But I’d also guess that much of what you’re doing for others – around your home, for your team, with your child’s schooling – may be out of necessity.

That’s important. Also important is finding fun and inspiring ways to care for others: pay for the coffee for the person behind you, volunteer for the cause you believe in so deeply, write a social media post highlighting someone else’s awesomeness.

One of the first items I ever cross-stitched had this quote (attribution unknown): “The best exercise for the heart is reaching down and lifting up another.” Twenty-five years later, that cross-stitch still serves as a reminder in my home.

6. Change Your Scenery.

While traveling to new lands might not be a viable option right now, get creative with your scenery: Rearrange furniture. Declutter your desk. Refresh the photos or artwork on your wall. Put up your holiday decorations (twinkle lights make a surprising difference!). Focus on being creative within your current reality rather than wishing it away.

7. Walk It Out.

Even if it’s just for five minutes, even if it’s only 20 degrees outside – get some fresh air and move your body. Nearly all of my best ideas lately have come while on a walk, not while sitting in front of my computer. And if walking isn’t an option, then stretch, dance, or replace with another movement-oriented activity.


Which one of these ideas – or a new one that comes to mind – will make the most impact for you today? Give it a whirl, and let me know how it goes!

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