You’ve Set The Goal – Now What?

Ten actions to consider once you've set your bold + meaningful goal!
Christi Hegstad January 26th, 2022

Setting a clear + meaningful goal gets you off to an excellent start. But what do you do once the goal is set? These ten actions will begin moving you from goal-setting to goal-achieving:

1. Envision Success.

Close your eyes and place yourself at the successful achievement of your goal. What got you there? How do you feel? Engage all of your senses and capture as many details as possible, then revisit this vision for continued motivation along the way.

2. Break Your Goal Down.

Chances are if you saw ‘Finish the unfinished basement’ on your Thursday to-do list, you would also see it move from Thursday to Friday to next month to next year – it’s too large to complete in an afternoon. Break that large goal down into small, manageable pieces. Seeing “Pick up paint samples” on that Thursday list is much more doable!

3. Schedule Time For Your Goal.

We all know what ‘I’ll do it when I have the time’ tends to lead to, right? Don’t leave your top-priority goal up to chance or circumstance. Block time on your weekly calendar and honor it as you would a key appointment.

4. Track Your Progress.

I am a firm believer that we attract what we track. Whether you use an online tracking tool, a paper calendar, or (like me) a bullet journal, gain satisfaction and build momentum by marking your progress as you go.

5. Revisit Your Purpose.

What is your reason for setting this goal? How will your life, and/or the lives of others, change as a result? Why does this goal matter to you? In my experience, our purpose typically serves as our top motivator – particularly when the going gets tough.

6. Secure Accountability.

Depending on your goal, you might consider hiring a coach, joining an accountability group, or partnering with someone also working toward a goal. We tend to follow through on our commitments when others are checking in on them!

7. Choose Your Mindset.

Decide, in advance + with intention, how you will approach your goal.  Whether you take every action with doubt + dread or you move with confidence + optimism  + resilience, you get to choose.

8. Find a Visual Anchor.

Create a vision board. Place an item of personal significance on your desk. Make your goal statement your computer screensaver or phone wallpaper. Have something outside of your own head to remind you what you’re moving toward.

9. Stay Curious and Open.

While a goal provides our desired destination, we don’t want to put on blinders + avoid all scenery – and perhaps even some interesting detours – along the way. I often advise clients to add a phrase like “This or something better” to the end of their goals as a reminder to stay open to possibility.

10. Assess and Celebrate.

Too many people proceed with an if/then lifestyle: “IF I achieve the goal, THEN I will be happy.” Celebrate your progress every step of the way! Like Dan Sullivan reminds us, don’t just measure the gap between where you are and where you want to be; measure the gains you’ve made since you started, too.

What is your top-priority goal this quarter? What is the next inspired action you will take to move it forward? Share your plans below!

Christi Hegstad, PhD, PCC, is the Practical + Purposeful Coach for Achievers!  Join our email community for coaching tips, book recommendations, and more!

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