When Motivation Slips Out The Window

What do you do when spring energy, motivation, and inspiration seem to have reached everyone but you?
Christi Hegstad May 8th, 2024

We’re well into spring here in the midwest: Flowers blooming, birds returning, thunderstorms waking us up at night. ‘Tis the season!

With the change in nature comes a wave of newfound energy for many, too – as if that first opening of the windows lets in not only fresh air, but also fresh inspiration and motivation.

But what if it doesn’t? What if you’re one who feels like their motivation actually slipped out the window instead?

It can be rough feeling like you’re *supposed* to have extra motivation and spring energy – but don’t. Especially when it seems like everyone around you does.

But if you’re not quite feeling that wave of motivation, trust me – you are not alone.

Just like the turning of the calendar on January 1 doesn’t instantly turn everyone into goal achievers, the increase in sunlight and green grass doesn’t automatically infuse everyone with motivation either. Life has its seasons as well, and maybe you’re currently in one of rest or recovery, for instance. Get the support you need and do what you need to do to care for yourself.

If you’re craving that motivation, however, and just can’t seem to quite unlock it, here is an idea that may help:

Ask A Different Question.

If you’re currently asking yourself questions like:

Why am I so unmotivated?

Why can’t I get myself to do anything?

What is my problem?

chances are you don’t feel any more motivated after asking your question than before. Try some new questions instead, ones that might spark an idea, build up your mindset, or help you discern your next helpful step. For example:

What’s going well right now? How can I leverage and build upon that?

What’s missing at the moment? What could help fill those gaps?

What has fueled my motivation in the past? When was the last time I engaged in one of those activities? When could I do so this week?

What could I start doing – or stop doing – that might boost my motivation?

Who might I connect with, talk to, or hire to help me get to where I want to be?

Do you notice a difference with those types of questions?

Kindness Is Not Weakness – Quite The Opposite, Actually

One of the most important, yet trickiest, things for achievers to do when in any kind of a ‘funk’ is to remove judgment from the assessment of the situation. We can quickly compare ourselves to others, or even to our past selves, and instantly jump to judgments, ‘shoulds,’ and beating ourselves up. But as Adam Grant wisely wrote in Hidden Potential, “Beating yourself up doesn’t make you stronger – it leaves you bruised.”

Kindness is not weakness – quite the opposite, actually. That goes for kindness to ourselves, too.

What other questions will lift you up, prompt you into action (or support you in your intentional rest), and help you get to where you want to be? Start asking them today!

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