The Weight of The Undone

Here's a surefire way to end the week - and/or the year - feeling a bit lighter!
Christi Hegstad November 28th, 2022

Every month for the past few years, I have summarized my biggest lessons learned that month.

(I typically share these lists on my blog and LinkedIn as well.)

Back in February, one such lesson was:

“Half-finished projects / tasks are a mental weight.”

I am definitely ready to lighten some of that weight before we ring in 2023! How about you?

This week, schedule a Completion Block.

Look at your goals and to-do list, and identify what you most want to complete before the year wraps up.

Maybe it’s one partly-done project, or 15 little tasks.

Then, pull out your calendar and block a good chunk of time, such as three hours on an upcoming Friday afternoon.

Protect that time like gold – and when it rolls around, use it for the purpose you’ve identified.

I bet you will close out that day – and the year – feeling lighter!

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