The Most Important Kind of Clarity

Are you dedicating time and energy toward what matters most - or what hardly matters at all?
Christi Hegstad March 12th, 2018
Coaching Tip of the Week:
Although I don’t remember all the words, I will never forget receiving that phone call a couple of years ago:
“Mrs. Hegstad…your son…accident…paramedics on their way….”
Prior to that moment, my mind wandered between business issues and unsubstantiated worries and random tasks yet to do and thirty other things.
Suddenly, however, my top-priority focus became crystal clear.
How often does this occur in life: We spend all kinds of energy on trivial things until something major wakes us up and reminds us what matters most? Fortunately, we don’t need to wait until a crisis. We can proactively decide what matters most, and live and work accordingly.
This week, clarify what matters most.
You can do this at various levels, such as:
  • What life dimensions (family, career, health, financial wellbeing, and so on) matter most to you at this time?
  • What goals stand out among the rest?
  • What 3 items on your to-do list matter more than the others today?
When you clarify and make a commitment to your priorities, you step out of reactive mode and become the leader of your day – and life. You also free up a ton of mental energy – definitely an added bonus!
Regarding that phone call: my son had sustained multiple leg injuries in basketball and is now fully recovered (you can read more here). And although I am not perfect at it, whenever I feel my focus start to waver or place too much attention on trivial things, remembering that call prompts me to clarify what’s truly important, honor my priorities, and focus on what matters most.
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