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Questions For The Second Half Of Your Year

As you look ahead to the end of 2024, what do you see? If that seems too far off to…


When You Don’t Reach Your Goals

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time for my monthly review + planning session. And I’ve realized…


Are You A Meaningful Achiever?

For years, I referred to myself as an overachiever. I always aimed for the A in school – and if…

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Ready To Make Your Positive Difference - Without The Overwhelm?


For over 20 years I’ve coached achievers like you to prioritize what matters most, define bold + meaningful goals, and carry out the purposeful actions to accomplish them. I’d love to help you make your impact, too!

And without feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or like other aspects of life must be put on hold.

Whether you want to enhance your leadership, grow your business or nonprofit, write a book, complete a career-building certification or degree, or reach a seemingly out-of-reach goal, I am here to help with the tools, experience, and resources you need.

Along the way, you can also expect to deepen your confidence, celebrate a stronger sense of balance, grow personally + professionally, and discover – or rekindle – what truly lights you up.

All while keeping meaning and purpose at the forefront.

Contact me today today to schedule an introductory Discovery Session and learn how coaching can help you work with meaning, live with purpose, and achieve bold + difference-making goals!


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Ready to skyrocket your success with one-on-one support, partnership, and accountability? Coaching can bring you from 'fine' to 'flourishing' like nothing else!

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Maybe you have a specific goal or challenge and want to design your action plan. Or perhaps you simply wish to try out coaching. This one-time session will give you the kickstart you need to get clear and get moving!

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With renewed clarity, vision, and focus, I can’t thank Christi enough. Through working with her, I have the tools necessary to keep me true to a life full of meaning and purpose!
The Author

Kristine Joy Creighton

JOIE Consulting

Christi gave me the guidance, tools and support to help me define my purpose and get unstuck, both professionally and personally. I have a renewed sense of confidence and clarity and am excited about my path forward.
The Author

Nicole Starling

Sales & Marketing Executive

Working with Christi, I have learned how to identify and prioritize what matters most, freed up hours each month to focus more purposefully on my team and my executive role, and I feel the most confident I ever have. Coaching has been truly life-changing and I am so thankful for it!
The Author

Emily Osweiler

YMCA Supportive Housing Campus

When I started coaching with you, I had an idea of where I wanted to go - I just didn't have the tools to get there. That's exactly what you gave me! Your guidance has helped me focus on small movements that have made a huge difference. Thank you for everything!
The Author

Tami Russell

Financial Analyst

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