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Achievers and Celebrating Wins

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The Purposeful To-Do List

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Adrift. Uncertain. Overwhelmed. Stuck.

Are you experiencing any of these in your work and/or life?

Imagine gaining deep clarity on your vision for the future.

Uncovering your core values, strengths, and personal purpose.

Making strong, confident decisions for your ‘next chapter.’

Taking intentional action to make your difference and accomplish your goals.

And achieving all of this with meaning + purpose!

I’m Dr. Christi Hegstad, an Accredited and Multi-Certified Coach, and this is exactly what I am here to help you do.

For nearly 20 years, I have coached thousands of achievers to let go of the doubt + overwhelm, clearly define their vision, and implement the practical tools + purposeful guidance to achieve bold, meaningful goals.

You can bring meaning to work and purpose to life, and I’d love to help you do it!

Contact me today to set up your introductory coaching consultation!



Ready to take inspired, positive action? I'm here to help!

One-on-One Coaching

Ready to skyrocket your success with one-on-one support, partnership, and accountability? Coaching can bring you from 'fine' to 'flourishing' like nothing else!

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Maybe you have a specific goal or challenge and want to design your action plan. Or perhaps you simply wish to try out coaching. This one-time session will give you the kickstart you need to get clear and get moving!

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Let’s explore possibilities!

With renewed clarity, vision, and focus, I can’t thank Christi enough. Through working with her, I have the tools necessary to keep me true to a life full of meaning and purpose!
The Author

Kristine Joy Creighton

JOIE Consulting

Christi gave me the guidance, tools and support to help me define my purpose and get unstuck, both professionally and personally. I have a renewed sense of confidence and clarity and am excited about my path forward.
The Author

Nicole Starling

Sales & Marketing Executive

Working with Christi, I have learned how to identify and prioritize what matters most, freed up hours each month to focus more purposefully on my team and my executive role, and I feel the most confident I ever have. Coaching has been truly life-changing and I am so thankful for it!
The Author

Emily Osweiler

YMCA Supportive Housing Campus

When I started coaching with you, I had an idea of where I wanted to go - I just didn't have the tools to get there. That's exactly what you gave me! Your guidance has helped me focus on small movements that have made a huge difference. Thank you for everything!
The Author

Tami Russell

Financial Analyst

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