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Positive Psychology + The Winter Blahs

From family members to clients to the voice inside my own head, it seems many of us are experiencing some…


The Decision To Be Confident

Confidence is something we can, to a significant extent, control. We can all make a decision, at any point in our lives,…


Happy MAPiversary! Celebrating 16 Years In Business

Happy MAPiversary! This month marks 16 years in business! If MAP Inc. were human, it could now legally drive on…

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I’m Dr. Christi Hegstad, and I am passionate about coaching achievers like you to clarify your vision, build your confidence, and accomplish boldly with meaning and purpose. Believe me: We need what you – and only you – can offer, and I love co-creating a more positive world with people just like you!

Whether you have a dream on the back-burner that you want to set in motion, a goal that seems slightly impossible but super exciting, or simply want to discover what that ‘something more’ that keeps calling to you means, you will find many free resources within this site to help you get started.

Feel free to sign up here for my free Big Dreams, Bold Goals! workbook to get you started. And if you would like to explore how coaching can help you achieve boldly, make a positive difference, and lead a purposeful life, be sure to connect with me. Thank you for stopping by!


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With renewed clarity, vision, and focus, I can’t thank Christi enough. Through working with her, I have the tools necessary to keep me true to a life full of meaning and purpose!
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