The Antidote To Distraction

Too distracted by the distracting distractions in this world?
Christi Hegstad September 30th, 2019

If you were given four solid, uninterrupted hours in a quiet room all by yourself, with no responsibilities other than the one project you’ve been wanting to finish, how would that feel?

And, be honest: How much time would pass before your mind started wandering or you found yourself reaching for your phone?

This quarter, the ASPIRE Success Club has been discussing topics of focus, presence, and deep work. While we strategized around external distractions, we also dedicated time to those that come from within.

Turns out there are just as many! But we can do something about nearly all distractions –  and good thing, because they likely won’t disappear anytime soon.

This week, identify what feeds your spirit – and why.

Maybe it’s finishing that aforementioned project – because it benefits others and offers you a sense of accomplishment.

Maybe it’s meeting a friend for a walk – because you love meaningful conversation and want to strengthen your relationship.

Maybe it’s painting or cross-stitching or baking pumpkin bread – because creating something with your hands is so intrinsically satisfying.

How will you feed your spirit – and perhaps quiet some distraction – this week?

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