Systems Liberate You!

With the right systems in place, your results can essentially take care of themselves!
Christi Hegstad January 3rd, 2022
Where could you benefit from a system?
Systems can be super simple. If you constantly misplace your keys, for example, a system could be putting a dish on your entryway table to place them in as soon as you walk in the door.
Systems can free us from mental clutter, repeated effort, constant decision-making, frustration, and more. In essence, systems liberate us!
As you determine your Bold Goals for 2022, ask yourself what systems you can put in place to help you achieve them easily + freely.
Maybe it’s filling a 60-ounce thermos with water every morning to easily track your hydration.
Maybe it’s identifying tomorrow’s Daily Top 3 priorities before you close out for the day + placing them front-and-center on your desk.
This week, focus on your systems.
With the right systems in place and consistently used, your results can essentially take care of themselves!
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