Permission For A Do-Over?

For anyone who already feels behind in the new year.
Christi Hegstad January 25th, 2023

“New year, new you!”

“Your fresh start begins January 1!”

“Make this your BEST YEAR EVER!”

We experienced a lot of this messaging leading into 2023. Now that we’re a few weeks in, what’s your verdict? Did you hit the ground running – or was it more like crawling?

Or stumbling?

Or napping with a side of ‘I’ll try again next year!’?

I love a new year, or really any fresh start / clean slate – however arbitrary. I was all set to kick off January with big, bold, full-speed-ahead action…but, as it sometimes does, life seemed to have other plans.

Where Are You Now?

Maybe your new year has started off just as you planned. If so, I am sincerely thrilled for you! That’s such a great feeling, and I hope you keep on keepin’ on!

But some of you may be feeling behind already. Whether due to illness or weather issues or unexpected home challenges or myriad other possibilities – or even no pin-point-able issue whatsoever – you may feel like you need a do-over.

I’m here to say, permission granted.

Your Do-Over

You may know exactly what your do-over requires. If not, here are a few ideas:

Let go of the judgment.

A big obstacle for achievers is the amount of criticism, expectation, and judgment we can lay on ourselves: ‘I should be farther along.’

Do what’s necessary to let that go.

This may involve anything from adopting a new mantra (ie, ‘I’m exactly where I’m meant to be’) to connecting regularly with a supportive friend to hiring a professional coach. Decide what will allow you to release the self-judgment, then put it into action.

Pull out a fresh piece of paper – literally.

Without looking back to goals or plans you had set prior to January 1, open a notebook to a clean piece of paper and imagine a fresh, new span of time ahead of you. What would you love to create, do, achieve, or experience?

Jot down – in your own penmanship – whatever comes to mind, not as a to-do list but rather as a dreaming-on-paper exercise. Capture the ideas before you start choosing, committing, weaving in previous goals, and action planning.

Focus on the quarter.

While I strongly believe in having a longer-term vision for your work and life, envisioning one year from now – let alone five or ten years – might feel overwhelming at the moment. If so, turn your attention to this quarter, and start crafting your plan from there.

Happy ‘New’ New Year!

Your fresh, new year can begin today – whatever day you happen to read this. If you’d like support in creating and achieving your new plans, consider reaching out for coaching or enrolling in our next term of the Bold Goal Academy.

And from my heart to yours, Happy ‘New’ New Year!

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