Monthly Review – March ’22 Lessons Learned

Spring, book festivals, massive change ... March brought all this and more! Below, a few of my latest lessons learned.
Christi Hegstad April 7th, 2022

With March came the first glimpses of spring, a vast amount of personal + professional change, and a wonderful day at our local book festival (see #5 below)! And, as always, some valuable lessons, a few of which are highlighted here:

1. Don’t give up on a meaningful goal just because it’s taking longer than you thought.

2. Like Mr. Rogers wisely said, there are always helpers. Thank you, helpers!

3. Small signs of spring = instant energy boost!

4. Helpful perspective-changers: New scenery, meaningful conversations, time outside, volunteer service.

5. Book people are definitely my kind of people!

Which of these lessons speak to you? What would you add? Specific to #4, what provides you with a healthy change in perspective?

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