Mid-Year Review: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Will you end the year on a high note? Take time for a mid-year review to celebrate, assess, course-correct, and plan!
Christi Hegstad June 5th, 2019

Believe it or not, we are rapidly approaching the mid-year point! Summer offers a wonderful time to celebrate what you’ve already accomplished, reflect on your lessons learned, and decide – with intention – how you want the remainder of your year to look. Here are five questions to ask yourself:

What am I celebrating?

List your wins, achievements, and successes so far in 2019 – and remember, YOU get to define success.

What have I learned?

Consider learnings from challenges you’ve faced as well as those from classes, coaching, books, and podcasts.

How are my goals?

Assess progress with your 2019 goals; also review the accuracy of your purpose statement and annual theme if you have them.

What is my year-end vision?

Put another way, what do you most want to say about yourself when December 31 rolls around?

How will I achieve it?

Don’t leave that year-end vision to chance. Hire a coach, join a mastermind, create a detailed action plan, and make it happen!

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