Meaningful Goals + Exciting Resolutions

Feeling a little ho-hum about your New Year's goals or resolutions? Give this brief exercise a try!
Christi Hegstad January 9th, 2023
Think back, for just a moment, to ten years ago.
How old were you? What life phase were you in? What occupied your time?
Have things changed since then?
Have you changed since then?
This week, for just a moment, jump ahead ten years.
A lot can – and likely will – change in ten years. Including you!
And while we can’t control all of the changes, we can be intentional about the direction we’d like to take, the dreams we’d like to pursue, and the growth we’d like to experience.
Envision your ideal self ten years from now, then ask yourself what you could do now to start setting that vision in motion.
You may find yourself much more connected to – and excited about – your goals and resolutions this way!

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