Losing Purpose?

A few of my thoughts on purpose - particularly when it feels like anything and everything is changing.
Christi Hegstad May 1st, 2024

I recently came across the draft of a blog I had started writing a couple of years ago. Here’s how it began:

The past year has been a bit … different.

My youngest kiddo graduated, and all three of my lovely children are now on their own and making their difference in the world. My role as Mom has changed shape.

My business turned 20, and in the midst of deep assessment I’ve realized there are aspects I’m ready to build up more and others I’m ready to let go. My professional roles are taking on some new forms.

After decades of volunteering as homeroom mom and team parent and scout leader and school committee member, I am now serving in different ways. My role as volunteer has evolved.

Even my role on the internet has changed, as I’ve stepped away from most social media for the better part of the past year or two.

I sometimes feel like I’m in a canoe in the middle of a giant lake, happy and grateful and also not always 100% certain of my bearings.

Do you feel this way sometimes, too?

Whether we’re in the midst of numerous changing roles, or just one significant one, we can feel like we’ve lost our way – or maybe even wonder if we’ve lost our purpose. Sheesh, sometimes it can feel that way on a random Tuesday afternoon!

But here’s the good news: Our purpose is not dependent on any particular role. Just like it’s not dependent on our job title or age or bank account or how many items we’ve checked off of our to-do list.

Purpose is, thankfully, much more encompassing than that. And yet uniquely specific to each of us.

If you’ve worked with me, you may have heard me describe our core values and purpose like a lighthouse:

A lighthouse is always there, shining for us. Storms or fog or wild winds might make it difficult to see at times, but it’s still there – true as ever.

The same goes for our purpose. We may veer from it periodically, but it’s there for us to check back in with at any time.

We may, at times, lose sight of our purpose, but I don’t believe we ever actually lose our purpose – and our purpose never loses us.


So even though we may sometimes feel like we’re in a small canoe in a giant lake, wondering which direction to steer, or paddling furiously against the flow, or doing all we can to hang on while the waves toss our little boat around, we can trust that our lighthouse is there, shining, waiting for us to see it again.

And that it will guide us back home.

If you’re in the midst of transition, asking questions like ‘Who am I now?’ and ‘What’s next for me?’, check in with your purpose.

Reconnect with your core values.

Remember who and how you wish to be in the world, the difference you want to make.

(And if you want help uncovering your purpose and writing it in a clear and succinct statement, please contact me about coaching.)

Above all, remember this, which I believe with every fiber of my being:

You are filled with purpose. You are here for a purpose. And you are making a purposeful difference in this world, whether you realize it or not.

Thank you for being here, and for being you!

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