If You’re At A Crossroads

Five strategies that helped me tremendously when I recently found myself at a crossroads.
Christi Hegstad December 6th, 2023

Do I stay in my current role, or is it time for a new one?

Will I finally pursue my bold goal / dream / adventure in 2024, or will I delay it another year?

What do I stand for? What do I want to be known for?

The end of the year often brings big questions, like the above examples, into the light. As we reflect on what we’ve done (and haven’t done) in the past 12 months, many of us view the approaching new year as a clean slate and, understandably, want to make the most of it! 

Those big questions don’t always come with easy answers, though, and we can find ourselves mentally back-and-forth’ing for quite some time. I found myself at such a crossroads a while ago when faced with some significant business decisions I needed to make. 

Today, I’m sharing a few strategies that helped me get clear, refocused, and confident in those decisions. Perhaps one of these can help you too, or spark new ideas of your own! 

1. Work with a coach. 

I can’t emphasize enough how helpful it is to have an objective, trained professional to point out what I’m too in the weeds to see myself, and also to remind me of what I’m often quick to forget. I’ve hired a couple different coaches for my specific issue, and both have provided unique and valuable support in my decision-making.

By the way, I recognize that by saying this as a coach myself, it may sound like a ‘hire me!’ ad. But honestly, even if you don’t work with me, I encourage you to explore hiring a qualified, certified, ICF-credentialed coach.

2. Create a Weights + Lifts list.

I often share this exercise with clients, and it had been a while since I’d done it myself. Basically, this involves drawing two columns on a page and filling one with things (tasks, obligations, aspects of business, etc) that weigh you down and the other with things that lift you up. From there, you can begin deciding what to change, delegate, maintain, etc.

This proved exceptionally eye-opening! I actually discovered several items that had switched columns completely from just a year ago. You can read more about Weights + Lifts here.

3. Craft a new vision statement.

I even took this a step further and also wrote new goals, guiding principles, and a fresh business plan from scratch. When I compared my new documents with previous ones, there was a lot of overlap – but also some unique ideas that may not have emerged had I just tweaked the old ones again.

4. Blend grit with quit.

Being an all-or-nothing kind of gal, I often lean toward absolutes: train for a marathon or don’t run at all, for instance. It can be a helpful quality when I’m ready for an ‘all in’ experience, however it can also be waaaaaay too limiting!

In reading Quit by Annie Duke and rereading Grit by Angela Duckworth – and actually seeing much common ground between the two – I realized that, in my particular situation, I wanted to persevere with my overall goal but also needed to let certain aspects go. You can read more of my thoughts on these two books here.

5. Declutter. Massively.

I’ve cleared out and cleaned up a bunch throughout this process, from papers and closets and books, to emails and icons and media platforms, to my schedule and ‘shoulds’ and beyond. (If you’ve been with me for a while, the only thing surprising about this one might be that I have anything left to declutter! :-)) The clear-out has, as per usual, felt light-giving and liberating.

Going Forward

The process has involved many layered decisions and bittersweet changes, but it has also felt rejuvenating and clarifying. In many ways, and combined with the approaching new year, I feel like I am at a fresh start. I’ve checked in with my values and purpose all along the way, and I am continuing to expand my vision, keep the faith – and do the work. 

If you find yourself embarking on a goal, exploring a new idea, or standing at a crossroads, I encourage you to enroll in the 2024 Coaching + Connection opportunity and enjoy my – and others’ – support throughout the entire next year! Visit the website and hop on the Waiting List today! 

Let’s choose the path that makes 2024 our most meaningful, purposeful, bold year yet!

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