How To Keep On Keepin’ On

Talent only gets us so far. What will help you keep on keepin' on - particularly when things get tough?
Christi Hegstad January 31st, 2021
When you study achievement, one of the first things you learn is that innate ability (to the extent that there is such a thing) has surprisingly little to do with success. Persistence, on the other hand, has a lot to do with it.
Heidi Grant Halvorson, PhD


Discipline. Consistency. Resilience. Persistence.
Not the most exciting or glamorous words in the world, I suppose. But definitely ones I am placing a high priority on this year.
How about you? When you look back at some of your highlight moments, did they stem solely from talent? Or did your persistence and never-give-up mindset play a key role?
This week, decide what will help you persist.
When things get tough, what helps you keep on keepin’ on?
A few things that work for me:

* Remembering my why – the purpose behind what I’m doing.

* Tracking my actions + how far I’ve come.

* Meeting with my coach.

* Asking for help.

* Helping someone else.

Identifying in advance what will help when the going gets tough can open up your options tremendously if you start to feel stuck!
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