How Do You Get Unstuck?

What are your go-to tips when you feel stuck?
Christi Hegstad April 19th, 2019

A phrase I am hearing a lot lately: “I feel stuck.”

You might feel stuck in a rut, in your career, or in a lifestyle that no longer serves you.

You may also feel stuck in terms of hitting a plateau: can’t seem to grow your business, move up in leadership, or increase your income, for example.

And oftentimes, ‘stuckness’ takes the form of the proverbial hamster wheel: always busy, frequently exhausted, running a million miles an hour yet feeling like you have little to show for it.

‘Stuck’ is one of my least favorite feelings ever. Fortunately, although we all probably feel stuck from time to time, we don’t have to *stay* stuck. My April newsletter will share three of my favorite tried-and-true strategies for getting unstuck – be sure to join my email community ( if you’d like to learn them!

In the meantime, what are some ways you have found helpful for getting unstuck? Feel free to share below or on Instagram or Facebook – you might help someone move from stuckness to freedom and clarity!