Gaining Strength Within Challenge

How are you calling on, and building, your strength during times of challenge?
Christi Hegstad March 24th, 2020

Certain times call on our inner resources in new ways.

We may be navigating various emotions, making unique decisions, and exploring different territories.

And, perhaps without even realizing it, getting stronger in the process.

This week, remember your strength.

A few things that may help:

Consider challenges you have navigated in the past. What tools, resources, mindset shifts, actions, and/or beliefs helped you?

Continue, or develop, practices that support your strength, such as positive self-talk, movement, music, or a morning or evening routine, for example.

Ask yourself new questions, such as: What would help me feel strong today? How can I make the most of this very moment?

Experiment with various ways to connect with others such as phone, text, Zoom, FaceTime, writing letters, and myriad others.

Consider leaning into things like optimism, peacefulness, kindness, random smiling, and so on.

At times when it feels like much is out of our control, we can benefit from focusing on what we CAN do. I recently posted a blog sharing 50 such things – feel free to read it here, use what serves you, and add your ideas to the list!

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