Front-Loading Your Goals

Planning a significant achievement this year? Pro tip: To the extent possible, front-load your goal.
Christi Hegstad January 4th, 2021
One thing I love about working with coaching clients for several months to a year or more is the ebb and flow we experience with goals.
You know how some days you feel high-energy and productive and fired up about your goals?
And other days … not so much?
That’s perfectly natural. It can also be leveraged as part of your achievement strategy.
This week, front-load your goals.
When you first embark on a goal, you likely feel high motivation to make it happen.
Structure your action plan to ride that wave.
For example, if you set a goal to run 1,000 miles in 2021, don’t just break it up into a 250-mile sub-goal every quarter.
Aim for 300 – or even 350 – miles in Q1, taking advantage of your increased energy and motivation at the start.
Not only will this build momentum and set you up for success, it will help future-you when something else momentarily takes precedence or when you simply feel a dip in motivation.
Just like you try to honor your energy rhythms throughout the day, do the same with your ridiculously awesome goals. Your future self will thank you!
Want to achieve a ridiculously awesome goal this year – something that lights you up while making a positive difference? I can help! Contact me today to discuss possibilities!

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