Creating Space For Both Wins AND Challenges

As a business owner, Dr. Megan Ries appreciates ASPIRE for its safe environment to share both wins + challenges!
Christi Hegstad November 25th, 2019


Dr. Megan Ries entered the chiropractic field to make a difference in others’ lives. “A person’s health impacts what they are able to do each and every day,” Megan shared recently. “How they’re able to care for kids, interact with friends and coworkers, and even achieve the goals they’re moving towards.” Having significantly benefited from chiropractic in her own health journey, Megan has embraced the field wholeheartedly.


After opening Keystone Chiropractic in 2016, Megan quickly discovered the need to market the business, build relationships, and continue her own development – which is partly what led her to the ASPIRE Success Club this year. “Small business ownership can sometimes be isolating, even with being involved in other traditional networking,” she offered. “ASPIRE is much different. In traditional networking, it’s easy to stay on a surface level, pretending everything is great even when it may not be. In ASPIRE, however, I hear others’ challenges and how they’re working to overcome them, and the environment allows me to feel comfortable sharing my challenges and struggles as well.”

We have all benefited from Megan’s thoughtful perspectives, personal examples, and even the tips and apps she has shared in our ASPIRE private discussion forum! Her desire to help others be their best is as clear in ASPIRE as it is in her business.

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One final note from Megan, whom you can also learn more about at “Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone in ASPIRE. Everyone is incredibly friendly, and the monthly meetings help keep you focused and motivated during the year after the freshness of the New Year wears off. Give it a go!”

Enrollment to the ASPIRE Success Club occurs once a year – and it’s happening now! Visit the ASPIRE website for details and to join

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