Crafting Your Turnaround Story

Struggling to create goals for the new year? Give this a try instead!
Christi Hegstad December 7th, 2022

If we’ve ever chatted for five minutes, you probably know I’m a big fan of goals.

Especially at this time of year.

But although I can sing the praises of goals from the mountaintops, I know not everyone feels the same way about them. I also know that creating goals for a fresh, new year can actually feel like a very daunting experience.

Especially if this year hasn’t gone quite as hoped.

(If ‘Set 2023 Goals’ has been on your to-do list, week after week, with no action yet taken, you get it.)

Today, I’d like to propose something different.

First, I want you to think of a magazine or publication you really admire.

Now, imagine that next year at this time, the editor of that magazine contacts you.

They’ve heard about your year – how you really turned things around and made a remarkable comeback.

And they want to write a feature all about it – all about you! They love your story, they recognize the hard work it took to get there, and they want to share your experience to inspire others.

Pretty awesome, eh?

So, what turnaround are they writing about?

When they contact you, next year at this time, what’s different?

How have you enhanced your life? Grown in your work? Made your difference?

Establish that picture in your mind (maybe even imagining your magazine cover!).

From there, start answering a few questions they’ll want to know, such as:

What helped you get from where you were in December 2022 to where you are now, in December 2023?

How did you get started?

What challenges did you face, and how did you persevere?

See if this shift in perspective prompts a bit more clarity and energy around what you want to create in the new year.

Maybe you’ll find that you want your story to focus on the business you started or the leadership role you took on.

Maybe it will highlight the learning you pursued or the meaningful connections you made within the groups you joined.

You might even discover that your story showcases a feeling more than anything – how you now feel more purposeful or confident or fulfilled.

Start by celebrating and imagining the article. From there, perhaps with the help of your coach, you can craft the goals and design the action plans that will get you there.

I want to celebrate your turnaround with you – feel free to share in the comments below! And know I’m here cheering you on.

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