When Your Confidence Takes A Hit (Or Ten)

Does RE-building confidence after it's been knocked down a bit require different actions than general confidence-building?
Christi Hegstad May 18th, 2021

How do you build confidence?

How do you rebuild confidence once it’s taken a few hits?

The strategies and techniques may differ, depending on how – and how deeply – your confidence has been shaken. For starters, here are a few ideas I’m sharing with the ASPIRE Success Club as we delve into the topic this week:

* Create a list of your past wins, especially those related to the area where your confidence is waning. Seeing proof of your success on paper can help redirect your thoughts.

* Imagine your child or best friend coming to you feeling low in confidence. What advice would you offer? Now, how can you apply that to yourself?

* Reconnect with your values and priorities. I remember years ago letting some comments about my hair get to me – then I remembered that I do not necessarily want to be known for or build a legacy around my hair. Dedicate energy to what truly matters to you, and practice letting the rest go.

* Talk with your coach or another trusted source. Sometimes simply verbalizing the issue can alleviate its impact, and the perspective and support an objective party brings can help even more.

* Replace overthinking about it with an action. Which action, specifically, may depend on your particular situation, but getting into some sort of motion can help.

* Avoid generalizing the situation. With the hair experience above, for example, it was important not to take that one piece of criticism and make it about my whole life. Instead of “I can’t do anything right,” it became simply, “Huh, someone didn’t like my hair” – which is much easier to navigate.

What helps lift your confidence when it starts to dip?

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