Avoid This Common Goal-Setting Mistake

One of the most common mistakes I see in goal-setting - and how to avoid it.
Christi Hegstad October 3rd, 2022

Later this week, the ASPIRE Success Club will hold our 4th-quarter goal-setting session. We tend to leave these sessions with greater clarity and higher motivation – always a plus!

Many ASPIRE members are goal-setting pros by now. There is still one reminder that I offer at every session, however, and it’s one I need myself as well.

Let me paint a picture:

You ask someone to share one goal she’d love to achieve.

She lights up as she describes the podcast she dreams of hosting. She’s had the idea for years and is clearly excited about the content she can offer and the impact she can make in the world.

And then, just as quickly, you hear:

“But…I don’t know the first thing about podcasting. Where would I even start? I don’t have any equipment, and I have no idea how to get it onto the various platforms. It seems so frivolous, too. Plus, what if people hated it? I don’t really have any money to put towards this project, either. I’ll probably just hold off…”

Can you relate?

This showcases one of the most common goal-setting mistakes I see – and one that I actively need to address in myself, too. And that is:

Focusing on the ‘how’ before getting crystal-clear about the ‘what.’

We have an idea, it’s directly connected to our values, it’s exciting, bold, and impactful. We visibly light up as we talk – or even think – about it.

Then, before we’ve fully even stepped into the space of possibility, our doubtful, ‘Yeah, but how?’ switch turns on.

The result? We often talk ourselves out of the goal before we’ve even begun.

As you set your Q4 and/or 2023 goals, I encourage you to spend some time living in the ‘what’ before you even think about the ‘how.’

Envision what success would look and feel like.

Imagine how things could be different upon achievement.

Using all your senses, place yourself there. Breathe it in. Consider the impact.

Live in that space for a bit, and really pay attention to your energy and how it feels.

Once you’ve gotten super clear on your goal and can confirm that it’s calling to you, then let yourself start thinking about (or asking for help with) the how. The process will come together so much more easily this way!

‘What’ before ‘how.’ It’s a game-changer!

What is one goal you’d love to achieve before the end of the year?

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