Achievers and Celebrating Wins

Before you move on to the next project or goal, experience the value in celebrating your win!
Christi Hegstad May 22nd, 2022
High achievers are particularly prone to being in the ‘gap’ … Even after some massive victory, their mind quickly goes to the next unreached achievement.”  – Dan Sullivan + Benjamin Hardy
How often have you completed a project or achieved a goal, then – before the ink is even dry from checking off the box – you’re already thinking about the next one?
Our society tends to promote this ‘what’s next’ focus. And, as achievers, many of us naturally operate this way as well.
But when we take a moment to acknowledge the win, we boost our mindset – plus we can learn valuable insights that will actually help us with our next achievement.
This week, celebrate a win.
Some ways you can do this:
* Share your accomplishment with your coach, leader, or friend.
* Journal a paragraph about the win, what you learned, and how you feel.
* Treat yourself – maybe a favorite coffee or an hour leisurely browsing the library bookshelves.
* Add the win to your Success Journal.
How will you celebrate your win this week?
Christi Hegstad, PhD, PCC, is the Practical + Purposeful Coach for Achievers! Contact us to inquire about coaching possibilities to help you create a meaningful career and purposeful life.

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