A Different Kind Of ‘What If…’ Question

How many 'what if' questions do you ask yourself? How many stem from a place of optimism?
Christi Hegstad November 15th, 2020
What if we had an unwavering belief in ourselves? What if we always knew that there was nothing too big to stand in our way? What if we truly believed that against all odds we will always figure it out?
– Jess Ekstrom

How many ‘what if’ questions do you ask yourself on a given day?

How many of them stem from a place of optimism?

I often use a methodology called appreciative inquiry with my coaching clients (we’ll delve into this in the 2021 ASPIRE Success Club, too), which incorporates a number of questions arising from a place of possibility.
I can tell you from years of experience, this leads to wildly different outcomes than focusing on negativity, blame, and a mindset of ‘it’ll never work.’
This week, ask new ‘what if’ questions.
For example:
What if we experienced the ideal in this situation – what would that look like?
What if there’s a solution we haven’t thought of yet?
What if we approach this from a new angle?
What if we take one small action in the direction of our vision?
What if it all works out?
By clarifying the vision, you can then generate the action steps to get you there.
What if you gave this a try this week?
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