25 Activities That Encourage Presence

Feeling overcome by distractions? Take purposeful action to stay present and feed your spirit - one of these 25 examples may help!
Christi Hegstad September 29th, 2019

Continuous distractions appear from all directions nowadays, including within. We can feel consumed by them if we allow ourselves to.

But we can also change the situation. If we’re feeling taken in by distraction, it’s up to each of us to do something about it. One idea? Think of the myriad activities that keep you in the present moment, make you lose track of time, and/or feed your spirit, and engage them often.

Some ideas that come to mind:

1. Watch a sunset

2. Walk with a friend

3. Create something by hand

4. Refine the action plan for one of your goals

5. Plant some herbs

6. Read a gripping book

7. Volunteer for a cause

8. Eat a slow meal with a loved one

9. Watch a campfire

10. Learn a new skill

11. Examine a poem

12. Call a high school friend

13. Bake a loaf of bread

14. Create a breakthrough map for a project or challenge

15. Plan your meals for the week

16. Attend a concert

17. Declutter a drawer

18. Write in your journal

19. Listen deeply to someone

20. Design your ideal morning practice

21. Write a letter

22. Partake in a craft

23. Ask someone what’s on their Life List (aka, bucket list)

24. Write your own Life List

25. Make a list of 25+ activities that keep you in the present moment, make you lose track of time, and/or feed your spirit

Whew, I’m just getting started! :-) What would you add to the list? Share your thoughts below or on Instagram!

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