When You’re Stuck In A Rut

Climbing out of a rut can sound hard when you're in one. What if we flip the switch a bit?
Christi Hegstad September 12th, 2022
Have you felt stuck in a rut lately?
Whether it’s a sense of ‘same stuff / different day,’ ongoing challenges, or feeling completely empty of new ideas, being in a rut is – to say the least – no fun.
And if continued unchecked, it can start to mess with our confidence and motivation, too.
This week, take one step toward *vibrance*.
The idea of climbing out of a rut can sound hard when you’re in one. So let’s flip the switch:
Instead of asking ‘What will get me out of this rut?’ try asking, ‘What will move me one step closer to vibrance / energy / delight?’
Maybe it’s a coffee date with a respected colleague, an afternoon of baking while listening to your favorite podcast, a walk along the shore of a nearby lake at sunrise.
Take just one action in the direction of vibrance. Tomorrow, you can take another.
You may soon find that rut is far behind you!

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