Your Quarter In Review, One Week At A Time

If you have already forgotten what you had for dinner last night, the idea of remembering your last 12 weeks can be daunting. This can help!
Christi Hegstad April 12th, 2022

“If you want me to remember, please message it to me.”

This is my go-to response when my kiddo asks for a specific item from the grocery store or a friend asks me to drop off a book at her home.

I even text myself so I don’t forget random thoughts and ideas! (Anyone else?)

I often don’t remember what I ate for dinner last night, let alone what happened eight or ten weeks ago. For this reason (and several others), I conduct a brief review of my work and life each week.

The Overview

I’ve written in detail about my Weekly Review + Planning session, which you can read about here. One important component of that process involves recapping key moments and experiences from the week, which I typically do as a spread in my bullet journal.

Basically, I take ten minutes to jot down a few bullet-point notes for the categories in which I want to track progress. My current categories include:

WINS – Successes, highlight moments, memories; I include small + large, personal + professional, planned + unexpected, etc.
CHALLENGES – This category might include illness, frustrations, global issues, or anything that sidetracked me or occupied my time / mental space.
LESSONS – What did I learn? (Side note: I review these when I post my Monthly Lessons here on my blog and on LinkedIn.)
FREE – This is my theme for 2022, so I’m noting how it played out or what felt ‘freeing’ each week.
GOALS – An update on progress toward my Bold Goals for the quarter/year.
READ / HEARD – Books, podcast episodes, and other resources that stood out for me.
GRATITUDE – I try to be specific to the week and not write the same thing twice!
NEXT WEEK – Any tips and/or big things I’ll be focusing my energy on in the next week.

I find the weekly reflection invaluable, allowing me to celebrate and course-correct as needed. These spreads also serve as my second brain at the end of the month, quarter, and year!

Your Turn

If you want to have a more accurate, accessible way to recap your quarter, give this exercise a try.

Start by deciding which categories you want to keep track of. You can change these at any time, of course, but a bit of forethought goes a long way.

Then, choose where you will track them. Be realistic with yourself here. If I set this up in the Notes app of my phone, I would never look at it again – but that might be the best place for you. Like with planning systems, the best one is the one you will consistently use!

Finally, choose a time when you will consistently update your weekly review. I typically find Sunday afternoon or evening works best for me, but again, you do you.

Your future self will thank you for this weekly update! And as you review, celebrate, and make in-the-moment adjustments, your present self will thank you, too.

Let me know below one of the categories you’ll include in your weekly review!

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