Your Professional Ripple Effect: Who Does Your Work Impact?

Christi Hegstad July 15th, 2013


“When we serve others in excellence, a ripple effect of blessing spreads far and wide.”

~ Tommy Newberry

Coaching Tip For The Week:

Do you recognize the impact of your work, your words, your service?

We often only see our impact on those directly in front of us – if even then. Yet in order to sustain motivation and continue giving our best, we need to know we’re making a difference. 

How do we do this?

Regardless of your role or position, your Professional Ripple Effect is powerful. Consider an entrepreneur: she impacts her clients, the jobs she creates impacts her employees and their families, the income she creates allows her to invest in a home (impacting the realtors), purchase insurance (impacting the agents), take a vacation (impacting the local economy of the vacation spot, the airline, the teenage neighbor she hires to mow the lawn in her absence)… I could go on and on. (And if you’re joining us for Spark, you’ll get to see exactly whom YOUR work impacts, too!)

This week, take note of the first level of your Professional Ripple Effect: those people with whom you serve directly. What one action could you take to make your impact outstanding, positive, and memorable? Take that action each day this week and revel in the positive ripples you’re putting out into the world!

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