Your Current Inspiration List

What's inspiring you lately?
Christi Hegstad August 24th, 2023

What’s inspiring you lately?

As part of my monthly review, I typically record a few things that have inspired me that month.

And interestingly, my responses typically differ each month.

What inspires us for a time may not continue to do so forever. One moment you might be inspired by a big-dreaming, bold-speaking industry leader who launches a global service. The next you might be equally inspired by your neighbor who leads a small scout troop and teaches Sunday school and is quietly, deeply changing lives one at a time.

This week, notice what’s inspiring you.

Pay attention to the people, books, podcast guests, colleagues, and so on that light you up and expand your sense of possibility.

Make note of them, as well as what particularly inspires you about them.

You can then return to this list to add new sources of inspiration, delve deeper, look for themes, or ask yourself what this might mean for you and your own vision.

And remember, others are adding YOU to their lists and are thankful for the inspiration you provide! Keep up the good work!

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