You Matter, And So Does Your Work

You make a difference, and so does the work you do.
Christi Hegstad November 3rd, 2023

You matter, and your work matters.

If I could shout a message from the mountaintops, I think it would be this!

Regardless of your title, salary, level of public acknowledgment, or other external factors, you make a difference. What you do matters, and no one can do it quite like you – with your unique set of strengths, values, and capabilities.

“Burnout results not from hard work – people are capable of working very hard,” wrote Rabbi Harold Kushner over 20 years ago, “but from a sense of futility, the fear that all the hard work isn’t making a difference.”

While burnout can be a very complex and multifaceted issue, I agree with Rabbi Kushner’s sentiment about the importance in knowing our work makes a difference.

And I just wanted to put that reminder out today – you matter and your work does make a difference!

If you’d like to connect the dots between the work you do and the difference it makes, or want support in helping your team connect those dots, pleaseĀ contact me. Meaningful work is one of my #1 coaching topics!

Whether you are in the midst of a huge assignment, or between jobs, or working in the home or on a volunteer basis or exploring a new venture in retirement or countless other possibilities:

Thank you for who you are, and for what you do.

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