Year-End Goal Boosters

If you feel in need of a goal boost as we wind down the year, perhaps these three ideas will help.
Christi Hegstad November 9th, 2023

With just a handful of weeks left in the year, I’ve been asking a number of people how they’re feeling about goals – whether ones they’re currently working toward, or as they think ahead to 2024.

The answers have varied widely, from ‘Super motivated!’ to ‘Meh’ to ‘Goals? What goals?’

And often, it simply depends on the day.

If you need a bit of a boost as the year winds down, here are a few ideas:

* Focus in.

If you have one main goal, really zeroing in on one step or milestone at a time could help you progress more easefully. And if you have several goals, this might mean asking which 1-2 truly matter most at this time.

* Acknowledge how far you’ve come – even if it’s not where you expected to be.

Where were you last year at this time on this particular goal? What can you do or say now that you couldn’t six months ago? Give yourself credit for the progress you have made. Sullivan + Hardy’s book, The Gap + The Gain, offers a great reminder to the importance/benefits of this.

* Revisit your WHY.

Remembering why you started can fuel your motivation like nothing else. And also be open to the possibility that things – including timing – may have changed since you first stepped on the path to your goal.

What else would you add for some year-end goal motivation?

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