Who Is Coaching For, Really?

Is coaching only for corporate executives and elite athletes?
Christi Hegstad May 15th, 2024

Maybe the only people you’ve heard of hiring professional coaches are business giants and C-suite executives. (In fact, I referred to two such people in my blog earlier this week!) Many organizations secure coaching specifically for these roles too, so it’s completely understandable if you’ve thought coaching was only designed for certain titles, levels, or professions.

But I assure you that’s definitely not the case!

Just like athletes of all types and skill levels have coaches – from the beginner to the elite – so do professionals. If you’re ready for coaching, coaching is ready for you.

Examples Of Those Who Engage In Coaching

In my practice, I primarily coach leaders, achievers, and difference-makers (so if you describe yourself as such – or strive to – let’s talk!). While many of my clients are C-level executives and business leaders like we discussed in the opening paragraph, I have also coached new managers, emerging leaders, people changing roles or professions, and those wanting to clarify their most meaningful work.

And they’ve worked in myriad industries including and beyond the corporate world, such as academia, real estate, public service, nonprofit, insurance, government, healthcare, education, manufacturing, law, sales, communications, libraries, art, finance, and logistics, to name a few.

I have also hired coaches for different reasons. (Yes, I am a firm believer that coaches also need coaches.) I’ve hired coaches to help me develop my strengths, advance my coaching skills, build different aspects of my business, write my books and resources, and improve my marketing. I’ve hired coaches to help with my creativity, personal development, mind/body/spirit growth, navigation of challenges, and various other aspects of life enhancement.

I have also hired coaches specifically to help me think objectively and thoroughly about certain significant decisions. Their support, perspective, and thought-partnership during these times has been invaluable.

All this to say, coaching is not just for a certain title, role, or experience level! You can obtain coaching for nearly any work or life area, personal or professional goal, or focal point under the sun.

Is Coaching For YOU?

Still wondering if coaching is for you? Give this exercise a try:

Close your eyes and imagine it’s one year from now, and your year has gone absolutely beautifully – like a magic wand was waved over you throughout those twelve months.

What looks different in your work and/or life in that scenario, a year from now?

What are you doing more of? Less of?

What words best describe you in that place?

How do you *feel* in that scenario, one year from now?

Now, open your eyes. On a scale from 1 to 10, how motivated are you to start making that happen?

If you are motivated, ready to take action, and want the support, expertise, and accountability that a professional certified coach provides, I encourage you to schedule a Discovery Session and explore what coaching can do in your work and life! You don’t even have to have a clearly defined goal or specific outcome in mind – we can clarify that together within our first session or two.

The Power Of Coaching

In workshops, I often ask participants to identify someone who has positively impacted their lives in a significant way. I can’t tell you the number of people who talk about a coach from a high school athletic team, whose teachings and leadership remains in their minds to this day – sometimes 50+ years later! They still feel that power of someone who believed in them, challenged them, supported them, and was fully invested in their success.

That, at its core, is the power of coaching. And if you’ve read this far, I can confidently say coaching is for you! I encourage you to experience it and see what can transform in your work, life, and beyond.

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