When I’m 90, Part 2

A bonus question to yesterday's post / exercise!
Christi Hegstad August 8th, 2023

In yesterday’s blog, I offered an exercise that can help you begin to clarify your vision through a perspective-shifting question.

Today, as promised, I pose the bonus question.

I have found this question so helpful over the years, particularly in times of difficulty or worry.

Like yesterday’s post suggests, imagine yourself at 90 years old. Then, ask your 90-year-self:

What advice do you have for me, today?

Here are a few things I’ve discovered about my 90-year-old self:

* She is calm. What feels like a big problem to today-me doesn’t seem to rattle future-me in the least.

* She is wise. Her big-picture perspective lets me know that things will, indeed, be o.k.

* She doesn’t take herself too seriously. (Today-me needs to practice this more!)

Take a question, situation, or decision you’re currently facing, and ask your 90-year-old self what they would recommend. You may find the answers coming much more readily than expected.

What’s one thing your 90-year-old self would likely tell your current-self? Share a bit of their wisdom below!

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