What’s On Your Don’t-Do List?

Christi Hegstad August 5th, 2013


“Make a don’t-do list for yourself. You will feel so relieved. You can always change this list, but the breathing room that comes from accepting – and even declaring – your limits is liberating.”

~ Karen Finerman

Coaching Tip For The Week:

What causes you to waffle in indecision, feel guilty, or “should” yourself?

What if you just decided “I don’t do that” – and let it go?

This came up for me recently in a technological way: I felt frustrated with the amount of time I spent on the computer, so I decided Sundays would be no-screen days. Challenging at first, but incredibly liberating! It didn’t have to last forever, but it was the “don’t-do” I needed at that time.

This week, decide 1 or 2 things that you will no longer do – guilt- or indecision-inducing things that will now comprise your don’t-do list. Maybe you don’t lend your laptop out, or you don’t check email after 5:30pm, or even – like Finerman’s example in her book – you don’t cook. Stop “should’ing” all over yourself and experience the freedom that comes with making decisions.

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